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So as many of you know, I am not considered a full-time cookie decorator and what I mean by that is that cookie decorating is not my full-time job I am actually an engineer and I work for an IT company. Now I love my job and I love my cookies and that is one of the reasons why I do both but I also became a mom within the last six months and while I continue to do both the cookies and my engineering job, I have begin to realize that things are not as easy as they were.

There are a lot of things that I took for granted before I had my son That I wish I could do differently now or maybe not do differently but more like appreciate them more fully. So I've developed a list of things people don't realize get impacted when you have a kid.

I also just wanna point out before I tell you about this list that I love my son more than anything on this planet. I would not trade him for any of these things. But if I could get back some of these things, I would so appreciate it. All your moms with littles... you probably understand my pain.

  • Getting more than six hours of uninterrupted sleep

  • Being able to eat a meal in peace

  • Going to the bathroom, more specifically pooping without rushing or interruption

  • Being able to get up in the morning and do my hair and make up

  • A relatively clean house

  • Washing and putting it away instead of letting it sit for a week on the couch

  • A clean kitchen ( and before any of you go after me, my baking area is always clean but it takes a lot more work to clean it and it gets messy a lot faster )

  • Being able to make a quick trip to the store

  • Watching or binge watching what I want on tv without interruption

  • Going to the bathroom in a public bathroom and I mean me going to the bathroom without having to drag my son in there and have nowhere to put him

  • My body

  • Taking a bath or a long, uninterrupted shower

  • Date night

  • Hanging out with my friends

Now mentally, and physically, I was ready to have a child. I just did not comprehend, or understand the things that you have to sacrifice in order to raise a child. Dont get me wrong, I can still do these things they just take a lot longer and require so much more effort and time management then I had before and you guys know that I am relatively organized.

A quick trip into the store for five things used to take me 15 minutes. Now it takes me at least 30. Because I have to get him strapped into his car seat, drive to the store, It takes 5 minutes to get Grayson out of the car, find a cart, put him in it, go into the store, do my shopping, come back out, then 5 to 10 minutes to put him back in the car.

I guess I just wanted to rant a little bit about life because as a mom when your sole focus has shifted from you and what you like doing and the routines that you have in your life all get changed because now you have a human you are responsible, for it's hard. It can be very lonely and you miss yourself and that's completely OK.

It's OK to miss how things were. It's OK to be frustrated especially when you're transitioning into having a child for the first time or bringing a new child into the house. Yes, I do have a partner and yes, he does help. Regardless, it's still a lot on you as a mother and I just want to let mommas out there know that I am with you.

And when you're feeling upset and down or frustrated with the fact you can't do one of the above things the way you used to, look at your kid and when they smile think, you're lucky you're so damn cute.


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