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This past weekend I had a lot going on. I had the fall festival Sunday and therefore to prepare, I had to clean my storage unit to find all the festival stuff. My husband went to the Great American Beer Festival Saturday so I thought what a perfect day for me to get it all taken care of.

However as always, things did not go as planned. The day started out great. Found a great sized storage shelf at Sam’s for 87$. Much cheaper than an equally as good 110$ Home Depot one.

I then had the task of how to get the thing in my car. For those who do not know, I have a little sports car and while I can fold the seats down to make it fit, the thing weighs a kagillion pounds and I barely got it on the flat bed store cart as it was. Luckily for me, there was a nice lady and her husband putting their groceries away next to me and the husband supermanned it, grabbing the box effortlessly and placed it nicely in my car. Which while I was grateful for, made me feel like I needed to hit the gym.

Once I made it back to the storage unit, I realized I had no idea how I was gonna get the thing OUT of my car and no one to help me. So I gathered all the lady strength I could muster and hauled it from in my car to the storage trolley and nearly dropped it on my toes. (The piggies were saved, no worries)

At the storage unit, the real fun began. I went to start unboxing my new shelf and realized when I pulled the box out of my car, I set it upside down on the trolley. I barely got the thing on there in the first place now I had to figure out how to flip it over without the trolley smacking me in the head if I put too much weight on one side. I scooched my booty over to the opposite end of the trolley so it wouldn’t fly up and pushed the box over the edge landing it on its side. Then with a mighty heave, I flipped it over where it landed thankfully right side up.

I started pulling things out and was excited to learn my cart had wheels. As I sought to put them on, I realized there was a problem with one of the poles and the wheel wouldn’t go in all the way. Determined to have wheels, I ended up partially screwing them all on and figured since the weight was dispersed it would be fine.

Then with my super smart master’s degree brain I somehow got in my head that I couldn’t assemble the shelves upright cus the wheels would go everywhere so I thought I’d assemble it upside down and once I had a couple shelves on, I’d flip it. Let me give you a tip: NEVER DO THIS.

THEN! I realized I looked ridiculous, decided not to try a different route but to film it. Cus if I was laughing at myself, you all would probably laugh along with me. So watch and then keep reading:

Eventually I ended up pulling off the wheels completely and assembled the rest of the shelf. Still took me another hour because all the little plastic clamps that hold the shelves on kept popping off but I made it work and it got assembled.

I then was at the point where all of this:

Needed to get organized. As I pulled things out, I started to realize that I was getting really hungry. I didn’t wanna stop doing what I was doing and thankfully found one of those caramel bunnies from Easter, you know the really big, delicious, Russell Stover ones? And devoured the poor thing. Lunch of champions lol.

Finally! I was done and while it ended up taking me about 5 hours and some heavy lifting, and I will say I am extremely happy with the results:

Though next time I think I’ll enlist my husbands help.

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