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Hi Sugar Lovers!

For a while I've been toying around with the idea of starting a baking blog. It was the way I became interested in all things cookie. However, where would I begin? How do I find my own writing style? Would I be able to maintain it...I mean lets be honest. I work full time, I bake when I'm not working, I'm a grad school student, and I'm planning a wedding. My plate is full, yet blogging is perpetually on my mind. I suppose it's from reading the blogs of the greats like Sweet Sugarbelle or Lila Loa or The Bearfoot Baker. So I figure why not take a crack at it and see where I end up! and I decided to start with why I got into baking.

My love for all things baked stemmed not from my mom who can't bake a thing, but kind of from my two grandmas, Grandma Judy and Nana. I'm happy to report that they're both still alive and kicking! Thank the Lord.

Nana is my dad's mother. While I haven't spent much time with her, I know she has a love for cooking and baking. I see it every holiday that I go over and she always has cakes, or cookies, or something tasty to snack on. I think I got my passion from her.

Grandma Judy is my mom's Mom. She is one of the people I love most in the world. While she bakes, it's not particularly often though she makes a MEAN chocolate fudge cake (that's surprisingly out of a box...if you're lucky I'll put the recipe up some time), and her carrot cake is absolutely divine. She's one of those crazy doing a million things all at once, gotta get things done types of people, and I've inherited that gift from her (Hence the perpetually busy schedule). She is quirky and is a goofball like me and we've been through the best and worst of baking and have had sooooo much fun along the way.

I think it's because of these 2 woman that I've found my passion; from love and baking... which is coincidentally how I got my name! (see how I snuck that in there lol).

But it's not just my family that motivates me to bake cookie after cookie. Recently, I held my very first booth at a festival in Colorado Springs. I was really unsure how it would go cus I had never done one before and also it was like 14 degrees and snowing (don't worry it was held inside. I didn't freeze). SOMEHOW I sold out. and not just sold out, but I had ladies come and take ANYTHING they could grab. Thankfully, I had enough sense to not put all my cookies on the displays at once. While that was all exciting and great, I was able to capture a picture that warmed my heart and really portrays the reason I bake.

Wonder and Joy. These children were so excited and filled with joy at seeing all the cookies sitting there. Cookies and baked goods in general make people feel this sense of wonder and seeing the smiles on these kids faces just fills me with such happiness. And this doesn't just happen in children, adults show the same exact expression we just don't always have a camera ready to capture the moment. Regardless, Its because of these moments I bake and will continue to bake.

I can't wait to see what the future has for Love and Baking. Hopefully you'll join me on my journey and continue to order and follow posts as they develop!

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