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Cookie Classes!

How to Sign up for Cookie Classes

  1. Click the image of the class you want

  2. You will be directed to the Planks and Paint Website. 

*Note: If you have a class voucher or discount code, please email us at: and let us know which class you'd like to be a part of*

I Smell Children: 10-22-23 | 12-2PM

Pumpkin Harvest: 11-12-23 | 12-2PM

Nightmare Before Christmas: 11-30-23 | 6-8PM

Christmas Vacation: 12-14-23 | 6-8PM

Merry Grinchmas: 12-17-23 | 12-2PM

All Classes are 45$ and will be held at:

Planks and Paint in the Prominade Shops at Centerra Loveland

5957 Skypond Dr #D148, Loveland

For Class Questions: 720.504.4941

Cookie Class FAQs:

Who can come:

These are beginner classes meant for Adults and Children 12+ 

(8+ with a paying adult present)

There are usually a few kid specific classes that are held in the summer

Do you offer Private/Corporate Classes:

Yes we do, see our info on Private Classes below

What ingredients are used:

We use Wheat, Dairy, Egg, and Almond Extract in our class cookies.

We cannot make substitutions or changes due to the possibility of cross contamination 

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