Our pricing is based on varying factors such as size, quantity, amount of colours, level of difficulty, packaging, delivery method, and any extra information.

Please see the breakdown below for more information or to get a quote click here.

Note! In effort make your cookies more affordable, for mixed or assorted sets, your price will be calculated on a  per cookie basis.

Regular Cookies

Regular cookies are 3.5-4 Inches or slightly larger than the palm of your hand

Mini Cookies

Mini cookies are 1.5-2 Inches or about the size of your thumb

Due to the smaller nature of the cookies, certain options are not available.

Add-Ons are same as regular with the exception of wrapping. Minis can be individually wrapped, or in packs of 3


We now offer Vanilla Bean cookies that are Gluten/Almond-Free for .50$/cookie

**While we take the utmost precautions with Gluten and Almond Free items, we do work in a kitchen that processes those as well as other common allergens. We have also worked with many schools that require these almond free alternatives. For a full list of ingredients please visit our FAQ Page

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping is calculated by USPS Postal Rates on our website directly. We do not offer international shipping.

If Delivery is within the coloured areas, there is no additional cost

If Delivery is outside the coloured areas, it is 1$ per mile .

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